iCampus Discipleship

iCampus Discipleship

In this 5-part series, our Executive Pastor Ben Lovvorn will introduce you to what the First Dallas iCampus is all about. You will learn about the distinctives of the First Dallas iCampus, basics of theology and discipleship, and even hear a brief history of First Dallas and our ministries. You will also learn more about our philosophy of online ministry, including what can be accomplished online and what is best done in person.

The mission of our iCampus is to encourage discipleship wherever you are in the world and wherever you are in your walk with the Lord. We intend for this iCampus 101 series to serve as an entry point to all future discipleship resources developed for the First Dallas iCampus.

iCampus Discipleship
  • 5 Habits of a Healthy Christian - Overview

    In this series overview, Executive Pastor Ben Lovvorn introduces you to the Five Habits of a Healthy Christian. The Five Habits aren’t intended to be groundbreaking or new; they’re the time-tested, biblical ways to grow closer to the Lord. We also discuss why God wants us to grow spiritually and ...

  • Habit #1 - Weekly Worship

    The first spiritual habit of a healthy Christian is weekly worship in the local church. Ben Lovvorn explains the biblical content and goals of the weekly worship gathering. Gathering as the church has its challenges, but living in community with other believers as we worship the Lord together is ...

  • Habit #2 - Daily Prayer

    The second habit of a healthy Christian is daily prayer. Ben Lovvorn walks through examples of prayer in Scripture and explains both how and why the Bible says we should pray. The lesson offers some simple ways to keep our prayers focused and fruitful, so we can grow closer to God.

  • Habit #3 - Daily Scripture Reading

    The third habit of a healthy Christian is daily Scripture reading. Ben Lovvorn talks us through how to respond to God’s Word and the goals we should have when we read it. This lesson will help you make Scripture part of your daily routine so that it bears fruit in your life.

  • Habit #4 - Regular Giving

    The fourth habit of a healthy Christian is regular giving. Ben Lovvorn explains the biblical distinction between being an “owner” and being a “steward” of God’s resources. He then explains why we should be generous, providing examples large and small of people who have surrendered themselves and ...

  • Habit #5 - Sharing Your Faith

    The fifth habit of a healthy Christian is sharing your faith. Ben Lovvorn explains why personal evangelism is so important that God would call each and every Christian to do it. This lesson will help you prepare your heart and mind to share Christ with others!